• Welcome to Heidelberg!
    Welcome to Heidelberg!
  • Visit the beautiful old town of Heidelberg!
    Visit the beautiful old town of Heidelberg!
  • Anina Strothmann meets Sophie Mereau-Brentano (Susanne Späinghaus)
    Anina Strothmann meets Sophie Mereau-Brentano (Susanne Späinghaus)
  • The
    The "Student's Kiss"
  • Producing footage for a German tv show
    Producing footage for a German tv show
  • Heidelberg at night
    Heidelberg at night



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“I lost my heart in Heidelberg…”       

Many people who visit Heidelberg have heard of this famous song. But do you know how it continues? There is talk of blooming vines, romantic yearning, the Neckar shore and even of paradise!

Heidelberg – paradise? Not everyone will think so, but most people are enchanted by this town. A group tour with our experienced tour guides will bring these old lyrics to life. We make sure that you and your guests will have fond memories of your first visit to this old town on the river Neckar.

Humor, charm and stories not known to everyone – with us you will discover the prettiest parts of town. We will take you to Heidelberg Castle, across the Old Bridge and through the romantic alleys, telling you interesting anecdotes along the way.


You´ve already been here? So you probably already know the castle, the romantic old town or the famous Christmas market. Perhaps you have already been on a guided tour of the town. But have you been to the Philosopher´s Walk or the Thingstätte amphitheatre, or have you seen students engaged in academic fencing? We can offer a tailor-made proposal for guests who already know Heidelberg!

We really believe that you can visit this romantic town several times without ever tiring of it!

Welcome to Heidelberg!
Anina Strothmann and the Heidelherz Team


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Welcome back!

We missed you a lot during these past months and look forward to showing you around our beautiful city, again! Meet Anina and Ricky in our "post corona invitation video" and join us on one of our tours through Heidelberg. 



Impressions of our very first "post Corona food tour"

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